For those who aren’t on Twitter:

  • Micchan photobook is just… MICCHAN, in that bwahaha-um-WOW way that Micchan has.
  • I mean, just the cover, she looks like she dressed with her eyes closed on her way to rehearsal.
  • (I have once almost collided with her on the way to For Whom The Bell Tolls…

Yukinojou, I’m with Sai and Soul on this XD. How are we ever going to get our grubby hands eyes on this precious thing if we’re not in club or go to ochakai XDDD. But regardless, I love your description of Micchan’s sleepy head. Yeah, I get the feeling she’s generally pretty calm outside the theater and crazy on stage. I mean, this is the person who claims to fall asleep five minutes before New Years ring in and wakes up 5 minutes after it’s over……..XD